Globe Teathre

Globe Theater or The Globe is the name of the theater built in 1599 to William Shakespeare belonged and which was destroyed by fire in 1613 and rebuilt in 1614 and closed in 1642. A modern building was built and reopened in 1997 and is now called "Shakespeare's Globe Theater" or "New Globe Theater."
Globe Theatre ou The Globe é o nome do teatro construído em 1599 ao qual William Shakespeare pertenceu e foi destruído em 1613 por um incêndio sendo reconstruído em 1614 e fechado em 1642. Uma moderna construção foi erguida e reinaugurada em 1997 sendo agora chamada de "Shakespeare's Globe Theatre" ou "New Globe Theatre".

Trafalgar Square

The most famous square in London, is the main point of meeting in events, religious celebrations and festivals of end of year (when people jump on their sources when the Big Ben chime at midnight). It was literally invadidada by fans after winning the Brazilian Pentacampeonato. The square received its name in honor of the Battle of Trafalgar in Spain, where the Colonel Nelson defeated Napoleon's troops. The colonel is also honored with a statue in the square.

Big Ben

Contrary to what everyone believes, Big Ben is the name of the most famous clock in the world, but the bell of 13 tons that can be found within it (which really should have a 'Big Ben'.) The bell is in the northern portion of the parliament, at St. Stephen's Tower. The bell itself is not very old compared to the building of Parliament (Houses of Parliament). When it is in session during the night, a light at the top of the tower. The watch is huge, the minute hand measured more than 4 meters and the entire tower up to reach more than 100 meters.

Pontos Turísticos

In England, especially London, is among the most common destination among travelers. The British capital and largest town, has seen a steady increase of tourists, thanks to the reshuffling of policy planning in the city. Proof of this is a huge reform of the Dome, or the new Tate Gallery. This made it possible to return to London to be one of the world's largest cities. Another interesting point in England is its rural landscapes, the famous area of England and their cities attractive, full of small hostels interior, typical taverns, farms and mansions. Without forgetting, of course, the magnificent coastline, cliffs and tranquil beaches, and cities that have been, and remain, home of the famous universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.